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Robert Wheater

a personal photoblog

A Change Here

Well, the new front part of my site is now active and will become the primary part of my business now. This blog here will become more personal in nature and a deeper glimpse into my life. The blog itself will change to a more photo focused exploration and personal journal. I actually can’t wait and my first post in this new format will be coming today. I’m not sure how many people will follow it but it is more for myself and my family than anyone else. It will also explore photographic explorations and probably some of my other artwork.

I can’t wait.

Alex | Maternity Session

These two were fun to photograph and I am so happy that I was able to be their photographer, even though they had to take quite a little drive to use me as their photographer. I hope to photograph them as their children grow. My maternity sessions are non-studio lifestyle pictures. I don’t do many bare belly pictures and I try to focus more on the relationship of mother and father and show that there is indeed a baby coming.

Braun Family | Rural MiniSession

The Braun Family was awesome to say the least. I swear I have been lucky with all the clients I have photographed. I hear other photographers talk about clients that are hard to work with… I don’t know what that is like.

Change is Fun!

When I started professional photography a year ago, I had just finished wrapping up art school. Well, my first part of it – I still intend on returning to complete my Masters. I have tried so many things to try and get business and sometimes it’s hard to keep going. Finally, hard work is really starting to pay off. So, things are going to be changing for the better. I have some great people that love my photography and they in turn just keep spreading the word and I do have to say, I have the coolest clients and without all of you, this would have never worked.

So, I am creating an entire new line of services that are really tailored to everything that you all talked about or asked about. I really did pay attention to what people were asking for. So in the next few days, you will see my new services and products here first. I can’t wait to show them to you and please if you like my art and want to know about cool stuff going on here, register over on the right side of this page.

Christina and Boys | Mini-Session

Great session with Christina and her boys. These are the type of images that come with my mini-sessions. I used to call them SnapRiot sessions but have decided to offer them as mini-sessions for only $50. Click on the Contact link at the top of my blog to setup a mini-session.

Scott | Business Portrait

When I am commissioned to create a business portrait, I always aim to do something that represents a person and with different styles of images. Every single person is their own brand and while many people don’t really care about the picture they use, I am someone people come to when they care. First, I try and key in on who you are as a brand. What do you stand for? What values do you have and what do you do? I never just take a quick head shot.
In the images below, you will see Scott. He makes wine and loves it (thanks for the wine by the way) and we set off and decided to shoot in a vineyard. I advise to any professional that they update their business portrait once every 2-3 years and keep it current and do not use black and white.
I see these black and white business portraits on color business cards. Don’t do it, everyone does. Business portraits for office professionals are best photographed within the office or where people would meet – a further connection in the image that helps a professional stand out. I especially love working with business owners and showing their business within the images – in vibrant and powerful images. Business images should be power images. An image of the owner of a salon should be softer and more fashion forward. It is attention to these details that make a business portrait that will stand leagues above your competition and have an editorial/advertising feel to them. Remember you can click images on my blog to view a larger version full screen.


Kym | Portraits

I don’t publish client work on the internet because almost all of my clients prefer privacy, so in order to get images to show on my blog and on the internet I use models and friends. Kym had never modeled before and wanted to try it out. Here are shots of her done in my edgy fashion/glamor style. I have only been a professional photographer for a year, starting right after art school at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
There were many challenges in this shoot, wind being the worst. Because I rarely shoot in studio and prefer environmental and on location sessions. Kym was great and we got some great shots. Remember that you can click images to view a larger version.




New Brochure [download here]

This is my new brochure. There is a wedding version of the brochure coming soon. I have revised all of my wedding services and the new wedding photography one will be up in a week.

Click here for the Robert Wheater Photography brochure


Natalie is one of my favorite models to work with. She has pretty much been around from day one with her family. She has also seen my photography skill go from just taking pictures and refining a form to making art. Making the transition from art school to business has taken time. This was our fifth session. This is a prevalent style that you will see in my gallery wraps.
As an artist, the click of the camera is just a single step in the creation of my products. It starts with talking about your final product. What are we doing? In Natalie’s case, I was practicing a new style. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with the images. They would be artistically edited to show my clients another product of mine and a style and product I offer.
Gallery wraps are for works of art, they are not for common photos. They are expensive and built to last generations. I believe that families should collect gallery wraps for their families at specific milestones in the road of life. To me, gallery wraps are the epitome of celebrating ourselves as a family. It, far more than a common 8×10, will celebrate the passage from high school to adulthood with our senior gallery wraps. Celebrate your family with a gallery wrap that will serve as an heirloom for generations.

I love these

I love these



My gallery wraps can be traditional but my art lies in a painted contemporary style. I can do traditional, but I don’t think it lends to the gallery wrap art piece as well as my painted style. There are other products like a traditional black and white image with deep blacks on metallic black and white paper wrapped around a floated frame that stands a few inches from the wall. In my gallery wraps, I prefer bright colors and paint-like canvases with beautiful photos. If you have a dream image, come to me with it and we can figure out how to create it together.

Fine Art vs. Photography

In the world today, photography is everywhere and everyone has a camera. Local photographers have multiplied and multiplied creating a minefield of photographers, which ones are good and the ones that aren’t are difficult to find.
In today’s photography world, my style of photography stands out because it is fine art. Fine art is much different in the fact that I create photographic art printed on canvas or fine art photographs. Real photographs are also something I provide, instead of inkjet prints. I am not one to look down on other art but the medium of our art is as important as the display itself. I would say that every photographer out there is using inkjet prints, if they are making real photographs they will let you know. You can’t print fine art on an inkjet. For one, it fades after a decade if it has UV protection less if it is not protected with a coating or UV glass frame. Two, fine art is not meant to fade, ever. Great precautions are made to protect fine art. I make real photographs created using light and a chemical process. The photograph alone will last your lifetime right out of the package. Oh and it will last for at least another generation. These photographs will last for 100 years, far longer if protected further behind museum glass (which we use in our frames).
So, the primary thing you need to ask yourself is this – do you want a picture or do you want art?

Fine Art Gallery Wraps

Fine Art Gallery Wraps

So just be sure what YOU want when you are talking to a photographer – photographic art from click to the display on your wall – or just the click. Contact me today with your art and display needs.