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Robert Wheater

a personal photoblog

Christina and Boys | Mini-Session

Great session with Christina and her boys. These are the type of images that come with my mini-sessions. I used to call them SnapRiot sessions but have decided to offer them as mini-sessions for only $50. Click on the Contact link at the top of my blog to setup a mini-session.

Kym | Portraits

I don’t publish client work on the internet because almost all of my clients prefer privacy, so in order to get images to show on my blog and on the internet I use models and friends. Kym had never modeled before and wanted to try it out. Here are shots of her done in my edgy fashion/glamor style. I have only been a professional photographer for a year, starting right after art school at The Academy of Art University in San Francisco.
There were many challenges in this shoot, wind being the worst. Because I rarely shoot in studio and prefer environmental and on location sessions. Kym was great and we got some great shots. Remember that you can click images to view a larger version.




New Brochure [download here]

This is my new brochure. There is a wedding version of the brochure coming soon. I have revised all of my wedding services and the new wedding photography one will be up in a week.

Click here for the Robert Wheater Photography brochure


Natalie is one of my favorite models to work with. She has pretty much been around from day one with her family. She has also seen my photography skill go from just taking pictures and refining a form to making art. Making the transition from art school to business has taken time. This was our fifth session. This is a prevalent style that you will see in my gallery wraps.
As an artist, the click of the camera is just a single step in the creation of my products. It starts with talking about your final product. What are we doing? In Natalie’s case, I was practicing a new style. I had a general idea of what I wanted to do with the images. They would be artistically edited to show my clients another product of mine and a style and product I offer.
Gallery wraps are for works of art, they are not for common photos. They are expensive and built to last generations. I believe that families should collect gallery wraps for their families at specific milestones in the road of life. To me, gallery wraps are the epitome of celebrating ourselves as a family. It, far more than a common 8×10, will celebrate the passage from high school to adulthood with our senior gallery wraps. Celebrate your family with a gallery wrap that will serve as an heirloom for generations.

I love these

I love these



My gallery wraps can be traditional but my art lies in a painted contemporary style. I can do traditional, but I don’t think it lends to the gallery wrap art piece as well as my painted style. There are other products like a traditional black and white image with deep blacks on metallic black and white paper wrapped around a floated frame that stands a few inches from the wall. In my gallery wraps, I prefer bright colors and paint-like canvases with beautiful photos. If you have a dream image, come to me with it and we can figure out how to create it together.

Fine Art vs. Photography

In the world today, photography is everywhere and everyone has a camera. Local photographers have multiplied and multiplied creating a minefield of photographers, which ones are good and the ones that aren’t are difficult to find.
In today’s photography world, my style of photography stands out because it is fine art. Fine art is much different in the fact that I create photographic art printed on canvas or fine art photographs. Real photographs are also something I provide, instead of inkjet prints. I am not one to look down on other art but the medium of our art is as important as the display itself. I would say that every photographer out there is using inkjet prints, if they are making real photographs they will let you know. You can’t print fine art on an inkjet. For one, it fades after a decade if it has UV protection less if it is not protected with a coating or UV glass frame. Two, fine art is not meant to fade, ever. Great precautions are made to protect fine art. I make real photographs created using light and a chemical process. The photograph alone will last your lifetime right out of the package. Oh and it will last for at least another generation. These photographs will last for 100 years, far longer if protected further behind museum glass (which we use in our frames).
So, the primary thing you need to ask yourself is this – do you want a picture or do you want art?

Fine Art Gallery Wraps

Fine Art Gallery Wraps

So just be sure what YOU want when you are talking to a photographer – photographic art from click to the display on your wall – or just the click. Contact me today with your art and display needs.

Services and Prices Brochure 2010

Here is a download for my brochure for 2010. I prefer web brochures these days because I prefer a green manufacturing system. I am not going to tout that I am the greenest this or that… it is a way of life and nothing to advertise really. This web brochure is in .pdf format and if you need any assistance, email me and I can assist you.

Click here for the Robert Wheater Photography brochure

Portrait Session with Sunni

This was the second time I shot with Sunni and again, I had a blast. These images are a great example of the style you will see in my SnapRiot sessions and it was a great chance to see how much I am going to like my new SnapRiot photo sessions.

Sunni and I started on Main Street and just shot by the red door I love so much, it is a good comfort spot to develop a camera relationship to who I am photographing. Most people are ready to go before I am, I usually study someone for the first 5-6 shots and then let loose. Sunni was easy to warm up to, I think the first shot was one of the best as was the last. That’s a great session.








If you would like to book Robert Wheater for your photography, contact him by clicking here.

Senior Pictures: Student Photographer Program

In addition to our Student Model Program we offer a Student Photographer Program. We take on a single student each year to act as an assistant on a few of our jobs. We also help the student develop a photography portfolio. Our student photographer program is only open to Visalia high schools.

If you are interested in becoming one of our student photographers contact us today at or call at 559.623.7423. The slots for our student models fill quickly so make sure you call us as soon as possible.

Student Model Program

We are currently still looking for high school students interested in being student models. We try and choose only one Junior and one Sophomore each year for a total of two students at a single school at any time. In some special cases, we will do more, especially for students interested in a modeling or photography career.

What exactly do our student models gain from the relationship with Robert Wheater Photography? Well, at the end of our relationship you will get your complete senior portrait session for free. Second, based on the number of referrals, the student model will receive a number of rewards including expanded print packages, cash, limo to the prom, and more.

Our student model representative will receive personalized business cards, postcards, myspace and facebook pages. Each student the model rep refers to our photography studio will also gain a $25 credit. This credit can be used for many things including further photo sessions, prints, and even a scholarship.

If you are interested in becoming one of our student models contact us today at or call at 559.623.7423. You can also contact us right now by clicking here. The slots for our student models fill quickly so make sure you call us as soon as possible.

We do have requirements from our student models. The following is required from our student models.

You need to have the willingness to promote our studio and get students and friends through our door to be photographed by our studio.
You will need to make an accurate list of students in your class. That includes the full name, parent(s) name, full home address, email. We expect this information to be accurate and we have materials to make it easy. Respect your teachers and gather information during free periods.

Our senior model reps need a valid email account that can be checked at least three times a week and a phone number.

We will need to meet your parent(s) and get signed permission for you to participate in the program. It is our goal to create a relationship with your family and meeting parents is a great way for us to do this. Your immediate family also gets a discount while you are active in the program.

You will need to be available for scheduled meetings several times while you are a student model rep.

If you are interested in becoming one of our student models contact us today at or call at 559.623.7423. You can contact us right now by contacting our photo studio now. The slots for our student models fill quickly so make sure you call us as soon as possible.

Senior Pictures: Tulare County High Schools

At Visalia High Schools students do not need to use a school ‘contract’ photographer. They can go to any senior portrait photographer that they want to. Our seniors find that for the same price as a contract photographer they can get us to shoot the senior portrait with much more time and involvement. Most photographers in Visalia want to get you in and out the door and make their money. They don’t take the extra time to plan and develop an experience that will create beautiful images that last forever.

We provide senior portraits to students at the following high schools in Visalia and Tulare County.
El Diamante High School
Golden West High School
Mount Whitney High School
Redwood High School
Exeter High School
Farmersville High School
Granite Hills High School
La Sierra High School
Orosi High School
Tulare Union High School
Tulare Western High School

The senior portrait session needs to be finished by the last day of summer. The first day of school marks the end of the senior portrait season. One of the major problems facing seniors is booking near the end of summer and risking having a contract or mediocre photographer take this picture. Book with us as soon as possible by calling 559.623.7423 or email

Book your senior portrait session by July 15th and get a free 8×12. Book with a friend for our ‘BFF Senior Session’ and get 50% your sitting fees (combined discount of over $100) and still get the free 8×12.