This is my personal blog, if you are looking for my professional page go to Robert Wheater and check it out. Here I share everyday life stuff and other work.

I apologize for the massive period of inactivity for those that follow this blog. I have been busy. It seems every week I notice 2-3 new local photographers being advertised on Facebook asking me to ‘like’ their page. Most of it is definite amateur photos from someone who just got a camera. In Visalia, there just really isn’t room for this many photographers. I have altered my business to make a move into painting. This is something few people can do as well as I can and I love it just as much.

I am a non-studio photographer. I don’t really like studio environments. I love the outdoors, I love going out somewhere and letting things happen. That is the great difference between the studio and outdoor – things happen. I have had Vandenberg Air Force Base do a missile test in the middle of a bride and groom shoot – so I have this missile launch in the background of the shoot, I have had a marching band become a background – all these random things that happen. Well, I just didn’t get enough business and I am not willing to try and swim against all the women that entered the photographer market. Yes, I have noticed not a single man has recently entered the market. And 99% of the photography clients are women. I find it difficult to market to women, so I don’t I just be me and get work. It’s not enough though and most of them will not ever turn a profit and if they are here for money they will be sadly disappointed – it’s not about money, it’s about a passion.

So, I am moving to a new passion – painting portraits and landscapes. Something that few can actually do.  Here is one of my recent paintings, it is unfinished and untitled from the end of 2011. It was a personal project that I stopped to do work on a commissioned piece. I am going to use this site to talk about my paintings and life in general. I wanted to start something for my personal life – digital is definitely here to stay and I can look back on this and read it later, probably for decades to come – if not at least I can download all the important stuff and print it :)


Friends in the Fog - Painting 24x36

If you would like to see my professional site, visit – here you will find musings, art and general stuff about my life. This blog was once a professional blog so older posts will be a bit different. Well, thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.