Last year I started doing SnapRiot Sessions and while I started them with more of a focus on models. That has completely changed because I found that last year it was mostly parents that just wanted a fast lifestyle photography sitting with the kids. Well, the SnapRiot Sessions have been completely redesigned. This time they have been created so that you can “test drive” my lifestyle photography.

A SnapRiot Session only costs $50. They are fast paced and only last between 30 minutes to an hour. You get a digital download or if you want to wait a little longer for your pictures I can get a disk to you. Most professional photographers will not give digital images to clients. I give a selection of 10-20 digital images that you can print yourself. You can also order prints through me if you want to.

Here is a sample of the SnapRiot Style of mine. The SnapRiot Sessions will not last long and there is limited availability. Last year I did my SnapRiot Sessions until Daylight Savings, I will probably stop by then this year also. Contact me right now for your photo session.

A SnapRiot Session is just like all my other sessions except it is shorter and you download your images when they are ready so you can print them yourself.