Because of a growing interest and reduction in price to being able to get incredible cameras a lot of people have asked me if I offer courses or if they could serve as an assistant. I did not offer any classes and I when I need an assistant, my wife joins me. Although, I have considered a student assistant position but that will come in the future, if I decide on it. Now, I am offering two and four hour courses on different photographic topics that I am experienced in.
The photography courses are all hands-on and in an environment taking a look at how to use YOUR camera, not just any camera. Here is a list of the courses:

Foundations of Photography
Digital Photography
Location Lighting
Visualization and Creativity
Environmental Portraiture
Fine Art Photography
Post Processing in Photoshop CS
Guided Project
Vacation Primer

Most classes require an SLR, digital SLR or EVR camera. Courses start at only $100 and have been created for those that do not have time for traditional classes and want to learn specific facets of photography. Some classes do have prerequisites, additional fees for models and support crew and additional equipment, a few classes also have equipment requirements.

You will not find the Vacation Primer Course in the brochure. It is a two hour course designed to touch on several disciplines of photography such as architecture, nature, portraits and landscape photographer. Depending on where you are headed, our location for training will change. This class is incredible for those that travel often and want to capture the very best images. The class is two hours and is $100. Knowing the right settings or how to capture that sunset and how to keep from getting blurry pictures of your vacation.