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Robert Wheater

a personal photoblog

Browsing the archives for the Portrait Painting category.

Portrait Painting

Portrait painting has been my focus for the last year. Here are a few of what I think are my best.

Pet Painting

Painting of a Girl and her Dog.

Painting of Jessica Dru

Painting of Jessica Dru

Painting of an Old Woman

Painting of an Old Woman

Portrait Painting for Practice

Portrait Painting for Practice

I’ve been pretty busy focused on painting portraits, painting pets and pretty much just really focusing on art. I did a project recently called 100 Paintings in 300 Days. If you look at the previous paintings on this blog you will see how far I have come in skill. I love the portraits.

I am really working toward changing this blog to focus on my personal life. For my professional website visit: Also for a behind the scenes look at my art visit:

I AM AVAILABLE.  I am an award winning portrait artist in Central California. If you want truly extraordinary and unique art email me today.

An Organic change to Painting

Portrait painting is something I have done in the past and did in art school. I moved to photography while in art school, I used photography to create references for painting – my original major was design/new media. I changed a few times as a lot of artists do and ended up with a photography major. In 2008, in the midst of economic downturn I started my wedding and portrait photography. It has been a fun ride and I am not stopping but I am moving toward portrait painting as a focus in my business. The first reason – I love photography and painting but the photographic industry has become oversaturated. Everyone knows at least one “professional” (read: amateur) photographer – most people know more. Cameras have become affordable and many people think they can make a quick buck or even start their own studio. I got an art degree because I love art and that is my path in life – I have always worked in the design field. My first jobs were at printing presses and then design and I have always been involved in art and design. Twenty years in art  with two degrees. I am wise enough to see that photography is something a lot of people want to do, it is accessible and social media drives it. I love photography but I also love other pursuits. Painting is a big one.

So. I never actually gave the first reason – there is too much competition and not enough demand. While in painting, you must spend years learning it and most people get into photography because the think (incorrectly) that it is something they can just pick up and now they have a job. It’s not. So, the person out to find a photographer must sort through hundreds of photographers in their area. You need luck and word of mouth to really get out there. The second reason is 99% of photographic decisions and most purchases for a home are made by women. It’s hard to compete with other women in their field. I have done it for four years and I am pretty good at it. So, I have decided to move to painting. I am still remaining in photography, I love it but I do it for my passion, not for the dollar.

So painting it is. It’s an evolution fusing the digital world of photography and my traditional artistic skill. Here is a painting of Kara. It is almost finished :) I rarely put finished work up because when I think about posting work, it’s halfway done – when I finish it – it’s time to give it to a client which is sometimes difficult to do. A lot of my time is invested in painting and it’s not like I made it for someone else… which I did.. I painted it for me because I love to paint… and it’s pretty much that simple.



Nearly finished painting of Kara

Long Period of Inactivity

This is my personal blog, if you are looking for my professional page go to Robert Wheater and check it out. Here I share everyday life stuff and other work.

I apologize for the massive period of inactivity for those that follow this blog. I have been busy. It seems every week I notice 2-3 new local photographers being advertised on Facebook asking me to ‘like’ their page. Most of it is definite amateur photos from someone who just got a camera. In Visalia, there just really isn’t room for this many photographers. I have altered my business to make a move into painting. This is something few people can do as well as I can and I love it just as much.

I am a non-studio photographer. I don’t really like studio environments. I love the outdoors, I love going out somewhere and letting things happen. That is the great difference between the studio and outdoor – things happen. I have had Vandenberg Air Force Base do a missile test in the middle of a bride and groom shoot – so I have this missile launch in the background of the shoot, I have had a marching band become a background – all these random things that happen. Well, I just didn’t get enough business and I am not willing to try and swim against all the women that entered the photographer market. Yes, I have noticed not a single man has recently entered the market. And 99% of the photography clients are women. I find it difficult to market to women, so I don’t I just be me and get work. It’s not enough though and most of them will not ever turn a profit and if they are here for money they will be sadly disappointed – it’s not about money, it’s about a passion.

So, I am moving to a new passion – painting portraits and landscapes. Something that few can actually do.  Here is one of my recent paintings, it is unfinished and untitled from the end of 2011. It was a personal project that I stopped to do work on a commissioned piece. I am going to use this site to talk about my paintings and life in general. I wanted to start something for my personal life – digital is definitely here to stay and I can look back on this and read it later, probably for decades to come – if not at least I can download all the important stuff and print it :)


Friends in the Fog - Painting 24x36

If you would like to see my professional site, visit – here you will find musings, art and general stuff about my life. This blog was once a professional blog so older posts will be a bit different. Well, thanks for stopping by. Talk to you soon.